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I think it is safe to say not many of us today can truly recount the thinking behind Odimegwu Ojukwu’s declaration of Biafran Republic back in the sixties. To have one of my Peers pushing for such wheelbarrow divide of the nation based on that is not only baffling but most scary for my gentle mind!

This interview is an alarming one to say the least if the interviewee claims to be speaking and representing 98% of Igbos whom he claims are desiring own nation to be top on the National Conference Agenda! Whatever happened to the % of the remaining Biafra’s national memberships?

I find this so very much an ‘ego’ trip but potent in its intent to rouse a people with such automaton that, ……..all hell breaks lose if Biafran nation is not part of the NC consideration! I think it’s not only harmful but very much counter-productive to what the NC is meant to achieve.

As a law abiding citizen that I know Kenneth Kanu to be, I am very much unhappy and disappointed in fact that he chose to let the cat out of the bag this way regardless of the horrific impact such imminent danger rumour could spell for ‘the’ people he is professing to have their interest at heart!………..

If for the same people – the Igbos that currently bear most brunt of the national insecurity to date across the nation, he didn’t think twice to rope them into such claim of ‘own nation’ desire WITHOUT consulting them…. I really hate to think of their lifestyle afterwards when Kenneth perhaps must have become the leader of such new nation, if that’s what this movement is geared to achieve!

But perhaps, we should address the circumstances or conditions in our land that enabled him to undoubtedly poise to tip not just the fragile NC agenda but also the people’s REASONING of first securing peace in the land. Because I for one, fail to see our togetherness as a nation as the reason for our national failings that have got everyone so wound up with state of things!

If our national executives would delegate 400+ citizens to tackle the NC but with no terms of reference – that has nothing to do with this desired DIVIDE of the nation! It has nothing to do with the banned Gay marriage and the corruption that’s got strangling hold on our national growth and productivity – and of course, nothing to do with our health and wellbeing.

Thanks to our unruliness in, and, of our nation – we shouldn’t have an individual bandying their opinion/viewpoints around in the name of representing States of people they have neither consulted nor polled to be speaking on their behalf.

Everything that is wrong with our nation is down to the PEOPLE….NIGERIA IS A BEAUTIFUL AND BLESSED NATION but the people in it – caught up in all the DIVIDES you could ever think of…… IRONICALLY, these are the same divides AND MORE that are what make the greatest NATIONS on this planet GREAT, BUOYANT & ATTRACTIVE to the rest of us that we all want/desire to leave our respective nations for!

That’s not saying Biafran movement has no membership but quite a drop in the ocean if you consider the would-be Biafrian National population! Remember that, Biafra of the sixties- Ojukwu’s brainchild, all most – includes the south/south and river states. Just how you would sustain Biafra for Ndi-Igbo without these Stately memberships, remains to be seen!

Kenneth Kanu, should show some self discipline by not inappropriately declaring such bombshell of a threat to a Sovereign nation – NIGERIA. And we must watch our words especially in the public domain.

I neither think he’s right nor wrong for wanting own nation but quite disagree with the subversive strategy that is very assuming and could tip the balance between peace and war in the nation!

I have had one war to last me a life time and very sure just like him, I also feel a section of Nigerians would back me on this. We don’t want any more wars on our soil! Whatever else we want to fight for in life we need and deserve PEACE FIRST in order to achieve whatever goal we are in pursuit of!



President Nelson Mandela has passed away. There will never be another like him.Condolences to the people of South Africa, the country has lost it’s most famous son. Rest in peace, the father of South African Nation.The world hopes your legacy as a true leader of magnanimity (in face of unjustified castration for most part of your life), humanist, reconciler,moralist survive after you. REST IN PERFECT PEACE.m

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