Its the final count down between Presidential Nominees – Democratic Barak Obama and Republican John McCain . Just a few more days to go and it will be all over . Its been a long hard slug for this pair . THE Big Question is who gets the much chased prize come November 4th . May the Best / Lucky man win . If the Polls are anything to go by , it would seem that one of them will need a few Hail Marys to grab his goal . That one person is McCain , if you are to believe the polls . Obama has consistently maintained a 5 week *8 Point Lead which has gradually been whittled down by a point or 2 as a result of McCain /Palin’s sustained vitriolic , scare-mongering, negative campaigning .

McCain has been accused of ochestrating and employing the Politics of divisive, fear -mongering tactics ; ranging from questioning Obama’s Patriotism .. thinly disguised label of not being an American , associations with unsavoury characters ; the likes of radical 60’s Ayer (now Professor ) when Obama was 8 years old , and an ex PLO —all these McCains camp say makes him a terrorist , an Arab .. a Muslim and even a Socialist because Obama he said is touting a Socialist Economic Approach to Tax Cuts which would ‘redistribute wealth and raise Taxes on the uber rich .and Corporation billionaires .
*Obama’s Proposals throughout his Campaign trail has been 95% Tax cut for all Americans , no tax demand on anyone earning below $250000 a year . McCain does not see the need in taxing anybody especially a time of financial crisis .

McCain sees Obama’s Tax Plans as just another Government give away . THERE LIES THE BIG IRONY between both Candidates Economic Policies.
The Taxpayers Bailout of the Economy to the tune of $700bn , pushed by Bush , Supported by McCAIN and ratified by Congress some weeks ago cannot be called by any other Name …. but … Socialism . The Capitalist American Financial Crisis , the worst since the Depression had to be bailed out by the Peoples Money ! As McCain himself would say ; that my friend is ..SOCIALISM .

Both Candidates have again different rescue plans for BESIEGED HOME OWNERS who can no longer afford to pay their MORTGAGES .
* McCain proposes a Government ‘ BUY UP ‘ of all such LOANS and re-work the terms as such Home owners can afford . TALK OF SOCIALISM ; AND THE POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK . ( Excuse the Pun ) !
*Obama ‘s Proposal is a moratorium of 3 months ( 90 days ) GRACE on all such BESIEGED HOMEOWNERS after which the terms of their loan would be re-negotiated . Both proposals let homeowners remain in these houses during the periods of re-negotiations and terms re-work .

*Taxes however are determined by government spending , not by temporary changes in tax codes . It is thought that McCain’s
never -ending near hysterical chest -pounding stance of pre-emptying wars will cause SPENDING to escalate by much more
than OBAMA’s Safety Nets . This means that McCain’s extra Military and Moralistic Big Government is much worst than Obama’s Big Economic Government .

The simple truth is that Obama’s Prposals is a Progression of the Tax System which McCains Republican supports .

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