Bruce Springsteen song skewers Chris Christie. Will ‘Jersey Traffic Jam’ sting …

Picture this: You’re Bruce Springsteen’s biggest fan. You’ve seen him in concert at least 130 times; you know the words to every song he’s ever written; one time, he gave you a hug, and you responded by bursting into tears.

Comedian Jimmy Fallon took on the bridge scandal around New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on his show Tuesday night with a little help from one of the most famous New Jerseyans ever: Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen joined Fallon onstage during NBC’s

Next week Bruce Springsteen will release his 18th studio album, High Hopes. In the parlance of Springsteen’s discography, it’s comparable to Working on a Dream, though it doesn’t quite sink down to the Human Touch–Lucky

Chris Christie’s “bridgegate” affair has already generated lots of jokes. But none may sting the governor of New Jersey as much as a skit on the most recent “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” that lampooned the subject with a parody of a Bruce Springsteen

At the SL link they have some additional songs that Bruce and Jimmy did. So fun! I don’t stay up late enough to watch Fallonso I missed the songs the first time around. And can I be just a little non PC and say, my oh my.

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