BARACK OBAMA ‘ S historical and phenomenal election as the 44th President of the United States of America has since itself become ‘ History ‘ . Now comes the task of electing Appointees to different Political posts to make his electioneering ‘promises’ not just sound like the usual Campaign Trail Rhetorics . The Big Question on every ones lips is how ‘ non partisan ‘ will he be in surrounding himself with ‘friends and foes ‘ in and outside his Party in order to get the best expertise America has to offer .

So far , Obama is doing just a great job by his appointees ‘ in waiting ‘ …. . Clintonites ? Why not ! You might partly say ; ‘ Better the enemies you know ‘ , and even those you don’t thrown in . I genuinely will like to see Republican Senator John McCain given a job . Something in the realms of his interest -MILITARY . * I categorically draw the line at ‘ flight by night vitriolic / divisive’ Sarah Palin being rewarded for her unashamed negative , polarising campaign ; most of which she has voiced even after the election . ! Any other Republican who can non -partisanly genuinely expertly contribute to the onerous task Obama is going to tackle in the near future should be welcomed .

On Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State ; I suspect Hilary herself does not know what she wants . Her much wanted ‘ Positions of President and Vice President ‘ having gone , she probably would think any other position in Obama’s ‘CABINET’ is not good enough . I personally think the office of the Secretary Of State is a most coveted one , and it befit’s her .

I thought about this as far back as when she lost to Barack during the Party ‘s Presidential nomination and when she was side -stepped as Vice President to be . You don’t even have to be a politician to remind her that that Position will in future help to keep her in the Lime light or Public Sight if she is to be ‘ remembered at all in future Washington Politics and beyond .

It however looks like other Democrats like John Kerry and 2 others are in the running for the same Post . I personally think it will be a good ‘ Consolation Prize ‘ for Hilary for loosing out on both counts of Presidential and Vice Presidential positions .

*** The really big Q is : how comfortable will Obama be working so close to his once arch political Campaign rival ????????


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